My Home Mercantile
Curated, Canadian Made & Discovered.

10 Inglis Pl
Truro, Nova Scotia
(902) 843-5899

It all started with a grey t-shirt idea that evolved into My Home Apparel the clothing brand. Miriah Kearney, Founder of My Home Apparel had a strong desire to offer a thoughtful shopping experience with curated products and a welcoming environment, so she created My Home Mercantile in 2018. My Home Mercantile has two locations in the Maritimes; one in downtown Truro and one in downtown Moncton.

My Home Mercantile is a curated gift shop that celebrates makers and creators, as well as carefully discovered products, and the official retailer for the My Home Apparel brand clothing and accessories. Carrying over 150 unique makers and creators from all across Canada, they are East Coast proud with a large variety of Maritime-made products. “We focus on local makers and I’d say 70% of our giftware is from the Maritimes, featuring unique things you can only find in Nova Scotia. We also have a lot of giftware from the Maritimes, Ontario, B.C., a huge array of Canadian brands,” says Megan Johnson, Marketing & Shop Manager of the store in Truro.

My Home Apparel donates 5% of all of their annual proceeds helping to end homelessness across Canada, and they have donated over $170,000 to their partner organizations in just six years. “We’re really involved with projects like the Shoebox Project for women in local shelters every year. We do a lot of one-off campaigns like our Cause for Paws Dog Walk right now in our Moncton store, where we are raising money for the SPCA. We are raising thousands of dollars for local charities every year, and we are really proud of that,” says Megan. 

My Home Apparel at My Home Mercantile Store.

My Home Mercantile is filled with a wide range of homemade candles, bath bombs, ceramic mugs, handpainted greeting cards, etc. Whether it’s in-store or online, you are sure to find something for that special occasion or to spoil yourself. “It’s really about creating a space that feels like home, you know, creating a store that provides a fun experience and is welcoming to everyone. We have regulars that come in not to shop but to say hi, and we even have dog treats behind the counter for our furry friend visits,” Megan says. My Home Mercantile ships locally and worldwide to over 100 countries. 

Windows displays are a must-see at My Home Mercantile. They are a work of art and are made with 99.9% recycled materials from the store and even personal items from staff. “We really enjoy seeing the faces of little children when they come to visit our window displays,” says Megan.

Window Display at My Home Mercantile.

Window Display at My Home Mercantile.

When a new customer comes into the store, Miriah and her team encourage them to walk around and see the different items they have. A store that has it all, tailored to the seasons but also to that unique and handmade craft that will surely get your attention as you walk by. “We love helping our community pick that perfect gift; birthday presents, anniversary presents, and not to forget something for yourself,” says Megan.

“We are creating a space where brands, makers, and creators have the opportunity to showcase their products. At the My Home Mercantile website we have a year-round open application for them to submit their products. We are always looking for that new item to display, thinking about inclusivity and giving back to our community is something that is always in the back of our mind,” says Megan. 

Brands, makers, and creators have an opportunity to showcase their products at My Home Mercantile by applying online through their website. 


My Home Mercantile Store.

If you are in Downtown Truro make sure to visit My Home Mercantile!

Handmade and Painted Ceramic Creations

Handmade creations at My Home Mercantile.