About Us

Since 1979, we have represented the interests of Truro, Nova Scotia’s downtown business community. Our organization has evolved into a driving force behind many downtown developments and promotional initiatives that take place throughout the year.
To initiate, develop and promote strategies and events that position the downtown as a destination location for business, local residents, and visitors.
All businesses that fall within the Town of Truro’s Urban Regional Core (URC) that qualify for a specific, self-imposed area rate tax are members of the Downtown Truro Partnership. This area rate is a tax that is proportionate to the size of each business to a maximum amount, ensuring no single company pays an unfair burden. The funds collected by the Town from our members are our primary source of operational funding. Currently, approximately 350 businesses are located in the URC representing a unique economic and cultural community.
The Downtown Truro Partnership is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of no less than 7 and no more than 14 Directors at any one time. Any DTP member in good standing may be nominated by a peer to have their name stand for a Directorship at the time of the Annual General Meeting when there are vacancies. The Officers, which include a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, are elected from the Board, by the Board, at a Board Meeting convened immediately following the AGM. On occasion, at the discretion of the Board, the President may invite Ex Officio participation from members of affiliated groups or organizations with a vested interest in the objectives of the Company.

Our Staff

Saribel Deslauriers

Saribel Deslauriers
Executive Director

Logan McNeil
Marketing & Events Coordinator

Board of Directors

James Ackerman

James Ackerman

Carolyn Pierce

Carolyn Pierce
Vice President

Anna Marie Manley

Anna-Marie Manley

Allison Butcher

Allison Butcher

Joshua McGrath

Joshua MacGrath

Sara Taylor

Sue Works

Dylan Musgrave

Mallory Wall

Allayna Munroe

Patricia Dellapina

Our History

Since 1979, the Truro Development Corporation Limited (TDCL) has functioned as a nonprofit organization to promote the Downtown Truro Business Improvement District (BID) Area as a destination for both business and customers. Businesses in the BID area were assessed a tax to fund the ongoing marketing of Downtown Truro.

In 1999, the role and function of TDCL was directly impacted by the new Municipal Government Act (MGA), which disbanded commissions and transferred their former responsibilities to municipal governments. The Municipal Government Act did not, however, restrict the Town of Truro from providing TDCL with the administrative functions of the BID area levy. TDCL then turned their focus on the development of a strategic plan that would adhere to the new MGA and support the continued development of Downtown Truro.

A recommendation was brought forward from the Downtown Planning Advisory Committee and the Planning Department of the Town Of Truro to expand the area of responsibility of TDCL to include the entire Urban Regional Core (URC). This expansion increased the size of the business community and fairly distributed the cost of revitalization among all businesses located in the downtown. This expansion was approved by Town Council in the fall of 2002.

Many recommendations were brought forward from these planning initiatives, some of which have been approved by the Board of Directors and implemented over the past years. Beginning with the introduction of a new logo and a new name which emphasized the essential component of the new vision: partnerships.

Establishing and strengthening community partnerships enabled TDCL to realize a new mandate; and to play a central role in facilitating the ongoing development of Downtown Truro as a vibrant business and a cultural community.

With over 300 professional, service and retail members represented in the URC, the Downtown Truro Partnership continues to work towards the revitalization of this vibrant business and cultural community.