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1 Commercial Street, Unit 104 
Truro, Nova Scotia
(902) 843-9681

Capture Therapeutics is a multidisciplinary clinic with locations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In November of 2020, the company launched their first step in Nova Scotia and opened a little facility on Dominion Street, with a massage therapist on site. They quickly grew to eight massage therapists, two physiotherapists, an occupational therapist, kinesiologists, and more teammates during the pandemic.

The plan to open Capture Therapeutics started with one goal in mind Director of Operations Alannah Hansen tells us, “with the aim of providing accessible heath care in rural regions of Nova Scotia.” Often times people struggle to access health care and the staff at Capture Therapeutics wants to help others become healthy.

The staff at Capture Therapeutics works as a team to help find you a solution.

The company’s motto is seen, heard and understood, “this is something that we really hold true,” Alannah explains. Accessibility is something really important to the company and that is why they pride themselves in offering same day appointments and getting people in on an emergency basis.

“Seen, heard and understood is why people come to our clinic,” Alannah tells us. The staff at Capture Therapeutics may help get the doctors on board for certain health concerns as well as help with financial barriers. “We will not drop you,” Alannah explains, “we want to work with you, and we will make that extra push to help you when needed.”

“At Capture Therapeutics we can accommodate you and we have accessible health care to help break down the barriers in your way,” says Alannah. Capture Therapeutics works hard to provide their patients with the best service regardless of the obstacles in their way.

Capture Therapeutics sells many different products.

Capture Therapeutics offers some great services including a free 15-minute consultation. During this consultation you are able to chat with someone who can find you the help you need. “Since we have a variety of specialists in each location, we are able to treat patients with a variety of concerns,” says Alannah. She also notes, “If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can.”

They also have amazing, step scan, fall prevention technology. This includes plates that the patient walks on, these plates complete a full assessment of the patient. The plates are able to determine where the patient’s weaknesses are and from there the staff can build a program around strengthening those areas. “Preventative health care is something we are extremely passionate about,” explains Alannah. We are integrating new technology and using it the right way to help people before injury occurs.

The open and vibrant space at Capture Therapeutics.

The new Truro location on Commercial Street also includes hydrotherapy. A big bathtub is used for patients to create zero gravity. “This is a wonderful option,” says Alannah, “we have hydrotherapy at other locations, and have patients with multiple sclerosis that are able to walk when in the water.” Alannah tells us that hydrotherapy is a game changer, it can really help improve the quality of life for some patients.

The clinic has an online booking system, so it is easy to book an appointment that fits your schedule. The online booking service can be found on their website at

A variety of services are offered at Capture Therapeutics.

Alannah highlights the importance of the staff saying, “the whole team plays a role in making a difference in a person’s life.” The company wants to make their staff’s lives easier so they are always checking in to see what they can do to help. The team at Capture Therapeutics is a close family and that shines through when solving patient’s health concerns.

Alannah tells us her favorite part about working at Capture Therapeutics is all the success stories. “Patients will come in with chronic pain and after only a few visits they can see an improvement,” says Alannah. We love being able to improve the quality of life for someone.

With the company expanding they are always looking for passionate individuals to join the team. If you are interested in joining the Capture Therapeutics staff send your resume to

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Capture Therapeutics can help with your needs.