Façade Improvement Program

The Façade and Signage Improvement Program provides funding grants to help commercial property owners and tenants make improvements to the exterior façades of their properties. The goal is to stimulate commercial building improvements, promote investment and enhance the economic vitality of Downtown Truro. This program is offered in partnership with the Town of Truro.
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Email rochelle@downtowntruro.ca or call (902) 895-7800.

We recognize that the image of Downtown Truro is an important economic development tool. Our historic buildings, available amenity spaces, green spaces, and social interaction spaces are important assets that help define the image and atmosphere for people living, working and shopping in our downtown core.

In partnership with the Town of Truro, we’re offering the 2021 Facade & Signage Improvement Program to provide funding grants that help commercial property owners and tenants make improvements to the exterior appearance of their properties. Our goal is to stimulate commercial building improvements, promote investment and enhance the economic vitality of Downtown Truro.

The program can provide a reimbursement of up to 50% of eligible cost, up to a maximum of $1,000 per approved property, towards approved renovations. The amount is based on the applicant matching the amount in pre-approved expenses for the proposed and approved renovations. It is the intent of the FSIP to maximize the number of building facades eligible to ensure larger exposure to the program.

Facade and storefront improvements will be: 

  • Subject to the availability of existing funding;
  • Approved on a case-by-case basis to applications which best meet, in the opinion of the FSIP Committee, the criteria and objectives outlined in the FSIP design guidelines;
  • Subject to review and approval by the FSIP Committee;
  • Subject to an agreement between the applicant and the Downtown Truro Partnership;
  • Issued as a reimbursement payment upon project completion.

This program is intended to: 

  • Stimulate commercial building improvements, promote investment and enhance the physical appearance and economic viability of downtown Truro;
  • Promote an incentive for owners of commercial properties to undertake a high-quality project restoring their storefronts;
  • Make positive, high-impact visual improvements to commercial building facades, providing an overall enhanced image for Downtown Truro, thereby attracting residents and visitors to shop, dine and conduct business downtown;
  • Encourage building facade restoration and maintenance.

Within the framework of the FSIP, there are a range of architectural components and various design elements which may be incorporated to add interest, complexity and diversity to building facade. Examples include:

Facade Improvement Inclusions

Successful projects will strive to improve the exterior appearance, design and function of a building by:

  • Exposing and restoring unique architectural details that have been hidden by previous construction.
  • Coordinating improvements with neighbouring buildings and the unique character of the neighbourhood business area.
  • Adding visual interest and variety at the sidewalk level, emphasizing active storefronts, orienting windows and doorways to the street.
  • Undertaking the cleaning of the building exterior, repainting faded/peeking paint, repairing damaged areas of the facade.
  • Improve lighting, signage and accessibility.
  • Providing commitment of ongoing maintenance and upkeep of completed projects.

All non-residential buildings within the Urban Regional Core (URC) of Downtown Truro are eligible for funding assistance through the FSIP. A portion of the property must be assessed as commercial for tax classification purposes. Rebates only apply to facades that face public streets. To determine if your building qualifies, please contact Rochelle Roberts: rochelle@downtowntruro.ca or (902) 895-7800.

URC Area

Key Facts

$50,000 was allocated to the program in 2019. The Downtown Truro Partnership contributed $35,000 and the Town of Truro contributed $15,000.

27 Commercial Properties used the program in 2019.

$5,000 in additional funding was allocated to the program in 2020. The Downtown Truro Partnership contributed $2,500 and the Town of Truro contributed $2,500.

__ Commercial Properties used the program in 2020.

The program reimburses 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of $1,000 per project.

The program will remain open until the entire $55,000 budget has been spent.

Application Process

1. Application Package Submitted

Includes: Before photos, scope of work, quotes, and application information.

2. FSIP Committee Reviews Applications

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3. Application Decision is Delivered

If your application is approved, a grant amount will be identified up to $1,000 per civic address.
If your application is not approved, the committee will identify which elements are missing and requirements for resubmission if funding is still available.

4. Facade Final Package Submitted

Includes: After photos, proof of payment, work verification.

5. FSIPC Approval

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6. Grant Cheque Issued

Cheque will be issued for scope of work up to a maximum of $1,000 per civic address upon completion of the facade project.

Application Requirements

  • Application including written cost estimates must be submitted prior to the commencement of any work.
  • Applicants are responsible for receiving all required municipal or government-related permits. An FSIP reimbursement agreement is NOT a development or building permit.
  • All work must be completed in accordance with the agreement before a grant cheque is issued.
  • If a tenant is applying, the property owner / landlord must approve and sign the application.
  • Payment of claims is contingent upon work completion, submission of detailed form and copies of all invoices to the FSIP Committee, in accordance with the agreement.

Application Timeline

Monday, April 19, 2021: Applications Open

Wednesday, June 30, 2021: Applications Close

Friday, October 1, 2021: Deadline for project completion

Friday October 29, 2021: Deadline for project reimbursement

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