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A vision of unison and love arrives on stage with intoxicating, searing vocal harmonies and relentlessly catchy pop-rock melodies. From the remote shores of Eastern Cape Breton, music became a means of expression for Tim Hatcher. After meeting his partner Brandon MacDonald, the pair dropped out of university and moved to Halifax to pursue a music career. Now located in Dartmouth, Tim and Brandon met bandmates Izra Fitch and Connor Booth at the NSCC Music Arts program, rounding out what is now Good Dear Good.

Lyrics are delivered with an endearingly infectious positivity on stage, but with deeper reading, a sense of pensive gloom permeates the words. Good Dear Good’s award-winning debut EP “Arrival” echoes bright while you journey to the dark depths of the Atlantic — watching the sunshine a beam straight to the ocean floor. Here you’ll find themes of resilience, perseverance, and love within a broken system.


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