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Our most fundamental questions—about how to exist in this world we share, and how best to love the people we love—so often keep us awake at the end of the day, at a loss for answers. From the plaintive opening notes of David Myles’ It’s Only a Little Loneliness, the New Brunswick-based songwriter testifies that he’s no exception: ‘I could try to explain what goes on in my brain, but I’d have to pretend that I knew,’ he sings on ‘Certain.’ On his introspective 15th studio album, Myles establishes himself as a seeker—of paths, of new sonic expressions, of God. Concrete answers, however, elude him the same as they elude the rest of us. All of that seeking reveals one clear conclusion, though: we are bound to each other. ‘But it’s late at night, and I’m reaching for the light,’ he continues over soft, arpeggiated guitar on the album’s opening track. ‘And I want to spend my whole life with you.’

Over these past years of isolation, Myles has continued to seek connection via his ‘not-so-late night talk show’ Myles From Home on YouTube, which has since become a popular podcast by the same name. Myles From Home has featured a diverse selection of guests including Jeremy Dutcher, Shad, Alex Cuba, Bahamas, and Ria Mae. The podcast is just another feather in the multifaceted cap of Myles’ career, which includes numerous awards and accolades, a robust artist profile stateside, a 2018 children’s book called Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo, and the biggest-selling rap single in the history of Canadian music, ‘Inner Ninja,’ a cross-genre musical collaboration with rapper Classified.


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