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Alana Yorke returns to the stage with new music and a new lease on life.

Since the success of her debut album Dream Magic, Yorke worked continuously for years crafting her sophomore album Destroyer with husband and co-producer Ian Bent. With her new album nearly complete, in late 2022 she survived a hemorrhagic stroke that changed her life and unleashed entirely new powers of creativity and an understanding of what is important in life – connecting with people. After a year of rehabilitation and healing, Alana Yorke is back and ready to blow audiences away with her moving and impactful new music, her irrepressible energy, and her new live show which truly proves that the body and creative spirit can overcome anything.


Champagne Weather is bold, immersive music from Canadian Folk Music Award-winners and JUNO nominees James Hill and Anne Janelle. Both have one foot in folk traditions and the other in improvised music. With a blend of songwriting and sound sculpture, Champagne Weather bridges these worlds with a sound that evokes Philip Glass and Steve Reich even as it harks back to Appalachian fiddle and Maritime folksong.

Cello, ukulele, violin and vocal harmonies sparkle, grounded only by the rumble of low-fi synth. It’s ever-changing music that neither sleeps nor wakes, floating instead in a dreamy blue twilight of sound.


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