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“Two youths from vastly different backgrounds
are forever linked in a split second…
…as the hand of the clock strike 8:37, Their lives veer onto a path of mutual destruction”

Join us on Saturday, August 13 for an exclusive, one-night only screening of 8:37 REBIRTH, a gripping psychological drama film about hope, redemption and letting go, from acclaimed Nova Scotian director Juanita Peters.
During its festival run 8:37 REBIRTH won nine (9) Best Feature Film Awards. The latest from The Halifax Emerging Lends Cultural Film Festival on April 20, 2022.
8:37 REBIRTH also won four (4) Best Director awards for Juanita Peters, a best actor award each for Glen Gould, Pasha Ebrahimi and Amy Trefry and three (3) Best Cinematography awards for Jeff Weaton.

Every second is a lifetime. With the four-pound trigger pull, Jared and Sergei, two youth from vastly different backgrounds become forever linked. From that split second as the hand of the clock hits 8:37, each of their lives veers onto a path that set the seeds of their mutual destruction. 22 years later, Jared is released from prison for the death of Sergei’s father. Deeply regretful, Jared tries to forge ahead into a better life. Sergei, now a professor of mathematics, descends into a guilt-ridden abyss of a revenge-driven obsession. As the psychological drama develops both men must face their demons; where one man might lose his life while the other his sanity.

Please note that this film is rated 14A for coarse language.



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