Above & Beyond Home Decor

“At Above & Beyond we believe you should live with what you Love. We’ve curated a beautiful collection in home decor, furniture and kitchen that we think will add to the beauty of your home.”

49 Inglis Pl,
Truro, Nova Scotia
(902) 895 1445 

After coming up with the idea for her business over coffee with her sister-in-law ten years ago, Above & Beyond Home Decor owner/founder Liz Toole has not only created an Inglis Place staple but a home away from home for many of her customers. With the original idea of bringing quality home decor to the Downtown Truro, Toole is still serving her community a decade later with no plans to stop anytime soon.

“I love being nestled in amongst such successful businesses” is what Toole describes as her favourite thing about operating in Downtown Truro. Some advice she offers new entrepreneurs is to put your customer service first. “ We would not be here if it weren't for our amazing customers,” she expresses. 

“I had no idea that my customers would soon become friends,” explains Toole, incredibly proud of the relationships she & her team have built within the community over the past decade. “I want everyone to feel comfortable,” expresses Liz as one of her main goals for all her customers to experience at Above & Beyond Home Decor. 

Some local nostalgia! In the photo above you can see the store's fabulous display case/counter. This piece is originally from the old Margolian's store that was located on Inglis Place!

Not only can you expect to find fantastic customer service in Above & Beyond but also fabulous decor. “Id have to say our throw pillows are one of our best sellers.” Toole expressed this when talking about her merchandise “I think we have the largest inventory of decorative pillows in Truro!”

 Liz & her team are not just selling home decor. They provide style, comfort, and quality all-in-one package.  We encourage everyone to stop in to see the remodel of Above & Beyond Home Decor next time you are in Downtown Truro. You never know what you will find or who you will meet! 

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for spring decor pieces shared throughout their channels! You can follow Above & Beyond Home Decor on Facebook & Instagram to see these new pieces. As well as by visiting their Website!