Wink Day Spa

49 Inglis Pl Unit #1
Truro, Nova Scotia
(902) 843-9465

Wink Day Spa, located at 49 Inglis Pl Unit 1 in Downtown Truro, recently marked a significant milestone by celebrating its 10th anniversary in business. Despite a decade in the industry, the team exhibits unwavering enthusiasm and shows no indication of slowing down. They are eager to pursue further growth & expand their service offers to better cater to their clients.

The Standout quality of Wink is its ability to cater to everyone, whether they’re seeking relaxation or a speedy nail touch-up. With various service tiers, Wink ensures that there’s an option for everyone! Making the booking process simple for clients.  Their focus on making our community feel their best is a key aspect of Wink’s approach. Wink embraces everyone, creating an atmosphere where clients feel at home, ultimately fostering a sense of belonging that encourages customers to return.

The best thing about Wink is they are able to accommodate everyone’s individual needs. Something especially helpful is their chairlift, making their services accessible to everyone.

This is the perfect time of the year to book at Wink Day Spa! Currently, they have several holiday promotions running. Make it a great gift to yourself ( or a loved one).

Their holiday specials are

-Elf Express: In a blink manicure & in a blink pedicure ( complimentary gel polish on manicure ) 

-Mistle Toes: 60-minute rejuve massage & wink pedicure ( complimentary gel polish on pedi ) 

-The Wish List: 60-minute massage, wink facial & wink manicure w/polish ( complimentary skincare samples ) 

As the holiday season approaches, consider Wink Day Spa for all your gift-giving needs. Whether you’re looking to pamper a loved one with their popular massage services or exploring the rising trend of facials, Wink Day Spa has a range of options to make this season truly special.

Stay informed about their latest updates and exclusive offerings by checking out their Instagram and Facebook pages. Give the gift of relaxation and self-care with Wink Day Spa – a thoughtful and indulgent choice for spreading holiday joy!