Totally Local

47 Forrester St 

Truro, Nova Scotia

(902) 305-0424

Last week we had the privilege of meeting with Wendy McCallum, the owner of Totally Local, nestled at 47 Forrester St in Downtown Truro. Totally Local stands out as a vibrant marketplace, showcasing a wide array of local vendors from our surrounding community. 

Wendy’s unique rule is that her vendors must hail within a 45-minute radius of her store, ensuring the store is Totally Local! In addition to this vendors must not have products in another Downtown business, this is important so that Wendy has unique products and that customers won’t be seeing the same selection through various nearby businesses.

Year round Christmas selection at Totally Local.

Wendy takes pride in curating an original & unique selection within the store. “We all don’t need to be on the same road” she underscores the importance of offering a unique product line steering away from redundant competition.

Throughout her career, Wendy has been characterized by an unwavering work ethic, some people may consider her a “workaholic”. For her, staying busy isn’t just a habit: but it is a passion that drives her forward! Wendy has been on an entrepreneurial journey tracing back over two decades when she ventured into her cresting business ( that is still running today). 

A huge variety of Mugs at 47 Forrester St.

At Totally Local, you’re bound to find whatever you’re searching for – and if not, Wendy and her team are more than happy to find or have it made for you! Whether it’s personalized t-shirts or items from their trusted vendors, Wendy ensures to get customers exactly what they need. What Wendy treasures most about her business is the relationship forged within the community and the satisfaction of assisting her clientele. 

While Wendy is the owner of Totally Local, you’ll often encounter Tanya, her dedicated cousin & invaluable team member, together they are the driving forces behind the business, seamlessly connecting with customers and vendors alike, along with crafting unique, custom creations that define the essence of Totally Local.

Totally Local offers diverse clothing options, great for gifts, and Taylor Swift-inspired blankets for Swifties!

Make sure you visit Wendy & Tanya at 47 Forrester St. Do not forget to like Totally Local on Facebook.