Throw Together Pottery & Art

37 King Street
Truro, Nova Scotia

(902) 895 -9309

For almost 18 years, Thrown Together Pottery has been a vibrant part of Downtown Truro, since opening in 2006. Throughout this period, owner Danielle Sawada has not only sustained but significantly enhanced the studios’ impact on our community. Originally starting with only four students, her classes have blossomed to accommodate a thriving group of ten individuals. This evolution underscores the enduring commitment of Thrown Together Pottery.

After having beginnings selling her pottery in the Farmers Market A large chapter of Daneille’s life has also made a remarkable impact on our local economy. Over 30 businesses have been started as a result of students taking classes with Thrown Together Pottery! “We have grown quite the clay culture since I have started” shared Danielle, emphasizing the studio’s role in fostering a thriving pottery community. 

One of the most popular products for sale are mugs but an interesting fact about Danielle is that she is growing her product line to include crafting more urns She also has a special type of urn that will eventually disintegrate back into the earth.  

Art work from Thrown Together Pottery.

An example of how Danielle’s urns will eventually disintegrate when in the right environment!

Some entrepreneurial advice from Danielle for those interested in starting a business in Downtown Truro is crystal clear: “Dont try & start at the end; give yourself a beginning and grow in” Her encouragement to potential business owners is to embrace the strategy of “growing slow & steady”.

Pottery holds a unique and timeless significance that extends into our daily lives. Danielle expressed to us that pottery has a rich history spanning thousands of years & is remarkably simple to integrate into our routines. 

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