Sandy’s Fashions For Men

25 Inglis Pl

Truro, Nova Scotia

(902) 895 8447

Sandys Fashions For Men has been a staple in Downtown Truro since opening in 1996. This week we met up with Sandy to reflect on his time as a business owner in our community as he shared his insights from almost 30 years in business!

Sandy owner of Sandy’s Fashions For Men.

Sandy’s Fashions For Men has been located at 25 Inglis Pl for the past eighteen years. Sandy’s impact on our business community is truly remarkable, serving as a beacon of positivity throughout the town.  Prior to opening Sandys Fashions For Men, Sandy had worked for a clothing brand for 15 years. Making him no stranger to the fashion industry.

Just a preview of the amazing selection of suits Sandys Fashions For Men have available.

Some advice Sandy gives to individuals looking to start a business in Downtown Truro is simple, Make sure to do your research! Opening a unique brand that captures your customers attention as well as providing products/services people are willing to purchase. Among Sandy’s wide variety of brands and styles, Au Noir has quickly risen in popularity in-store, captivating the hearts of fashion enthusiasts far and wide. Renowned for its fusion of trend-setting designs and unparalleled comfort, Sandy recommends trying a piece on next time you are in.

As prom season rapidly approaches, Sandy’s Fashions For Men Suit Sale makes its return! Take advantage of this special offer: for just $250 plus HST, customers can acquire a suit, shirt, and tie—an incredible deal! And remember, this promotion isn’t limited to prom-goers; it’s an excellent opportunity for wedding parties or anyone in search of a stylish new suit

Sandy’s Fashions For Men storefront at 25 Inglis Pl, in Downtown Truro. 

Sandy offers a valuable piece of fashion advice: to build a wardrobe, allocate a budget for adding quality pieces to your closet. Aim to purchase one item per month to gradually assemble a fashion-forward wardrobe. If you’re considering expanding your wardrobe, stop by and visit Sandy and his team. They’re here to assist you in discovering your next favorite outfit.

Make sure to visit Sandy’s Fashions For Men in Downtown Truro as the summer season quickly approaches. Do not forget to follow them on Facebook & Instagram