Truro Pride

Join us for a day filled with rainbows and love as we celebrate and come together with PRIDE.
The Truro PRIDE Fun Day is happening in Downtown Truro, Saturday, June 25, 2022, starting at 1:00 PM!
The Parade will start at 2:00 PM!
Registration Package
Fun Day Activities

You’re invited to register for the Truro Pride Society’s 2022 PRIDE Parade in Downtown Truro. Please read the registration package carefully and contact us if you have any questions!

Saturday, June 25, 2022 Departs the Colchester Legion Stadium at 2:00pm

  • Government, Businesses & For-Profits – $50 incl. HST
  • Not-For-Profits & Charities – $20 incl. HST
  • Not-For-Profits & Charities with a mandate that supports PRIDE causes – Free

Please note: 100% of the registration fee (minus HST) that you pay is given as a donation to the Truro Pride Society to help fund future pride-related events and initiatives in Colchester County.

2022 Truro Pride Parade Registration Form

When planning and designing entries, please keep in mid that the purpose of the parade is to provide entertainment, especially for children.

Your group must have valid liability insurance.
Please upload a copy of your certificate of liability.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

All entries must submit a valid Certificate of Liability Insurance to our office by June 17th.

Disclaimer and Signature(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Please keep a copy of this Parade Registration Form for reference on Parade Day.

(1) Our volunteer Parade Marshalls are the official on-site authorities. Any instruction given by them must be followed and your courtesy and cooperation is expected. Any entrant not meeting the requirements of participation may be removed from the lineup and subsequent participation may be declined.

(2) All entries must comply with public health restrictions. Please be aware that these restrictions can change on short notice, and entries should be prepared to adapt as needed. Please call the Downtown Truro Partnership’s office if you have specific questions.

(3) Entries will be limited to a total of 60. Please note: your entry will not be registered until all sections of the entry form are completed. Do not submit your entry form until you can give a full description, along with a signed waiver and a copy of your Certificate of General Liability Insurance.

(4) Entries should relate to the specific parade theme of Truro Pride.

(5) Animals (horses, dogs, etc.) are permitted, however if they are walking (not on a float), entrants are required to take care of clean up as necessary along the route. Alternatively, horses may wear a diaper.

(6) Candy and other giveaway items are NOT PERMITTED at the parade. It is prohibited to throw candy or giveaway any items from as it causes a serious safety hazard and impacts everyone’s liability insurance. Entrants observed disregarding this rule will be immediately removed from the parade and will not be permitted to enter in future years.

(7) All float entries must be safe for passengers and spectators. Please ensure all items are well-secured, passengers remain seated and children have adult supervision.

(8) All floats must carry a fire extinguisher and a minimum of two (2) handheld flashlights.

(9) Smoking is not permitted in the set up area or within 20 feet of any floats or marching entry during the parade.

(10) All individuals / groups submitting parade entries must have a Certificate of General Liability Insurance provided by their insurer. This is not the same as vehicle insurance, which is also required for vehicle entries.

(11) The Truro Pride Society reserves the right to screen all entries with an eye to overall impact on the parade, and if necessary, remove unacceptable entries.

(12) All entries must be pre-registered through the Downtown Truro Partnership. Any unregistered entries arriving on parade day will be refused.

(13) Entries will be screened upon arrival prior to the parade start to ensure all rules and standards are being met. Parade marshalls have the authority to remove any entries that do not adhere to the rules, or are not preregistered.

(14) Entrants agree to abide by all applicable laws and by-laws of the Town of Truro, as well as the laws of the County of Colchester and the Province of Nova Scotia.

(15) The parade will be photographed, videotaped, and recorded for publicity, historical, and educational purposes. These photographs and recordings may be shared in electronic or print form, and any parade participants, including minor children, is likely to appear in materials resulting from the parade. All participants grant consent to the Downtown Truro Partnership, the Truro Pride Society, the Town of Truro and other partner organizations, in perpetuity, to display these images and recordings in any related promotional use without compensation.

(16) Anyone driving a motor vehicle in the parade must be fully-licensed and insured to operate that vehicle in compliance with the Province of Nova Scotia’s statutes and carry liability insurance to cover property damage and personal physical injury to others as a results of operating that vehicle. This includes all appropriate helmet laws.