Inclusive Financial Planning
7 Faulkner St. Truro NS B2N 3T9

Our lives are more then just our financial situation, and your planning should reflect that. We don’t live in dollars we live through experiences and our connections to others and the world around us. We believe in finding the harmony between our finances and the rest of our lives. Our finances reflect the decisions we make and by taking the time to consider and plan those decisions we can ensure that they reflect who we are and the lives we want to live.

We are all individuals with our own dreams and finding our own paths to those dreams can be stressful. Financial planning is about more then just numbers, it’s a conversation of the risks and perils along that path, the opportunities that arise, and the joy we find in the journey. By presenting your situation and your options we empower you to take the reins of your finances and make the choices that matter to you so you can focus on living your life, not stressing about money.

We’re also here to support you no matter your needs. From our inclusive financial plans, where we develop a total picture of your financial situation and provide recommendations, to our shorter form consulting and support sessions where we provide answers, guidance, and advice for those that are doing more of this work on their own. We believe that everyone, regardless of the size of their investment portfolio deserves the perspective a financial planner can bring.

Whether you have a team of advisors or are managing everything on your own. We can work with you to find the level of support and guidance you want to ensure you’re making the most of the money you have. Let us focus on the details so you can focus on what’s important.