Lucy In Spain Cafe’

“My home is your home”

570 Prince Street
Truro, Nova Scotia

We are so excited to share with everyone a new Downtown Truro business! Please meet Lucy in Spain. Located at 570  Prince St, Lucy in Spain is a new Cafe, or as owner Lucy would say it “ I am in the cafe con leche business, which is a drink made with half milk & half espresso” From her experience the coffee culture in North America is far different than in Europe where she previously lived.

Since opening her business in the past month Lucy is most proud to provide her customers with the best quality & service when they visit her cafe. Lucy would like everyone to know that while she is getting started she would like everyone to be patient with her team. Since opening Lucy noted that her favourite thing is the customers she has already come to adore! “ So many people are saying good things about me & supporting”

Lucy has had the opportunity to keep the cafe doors open during the Downtown Truro Santa Claus Parade. Reflecting on the bustling afternoon of the parade, she anticipated a large turnout but was pleasantly surpised by the sheer number of people eagerly entering her cafe. While this sudden rush created a delightful challenge in ensuring prompt service for everyone, Lucy remains positive!

Looking ahead, Lucy expressed her hope that our community maximized the enjoyment of the parade despite the cold. She warmly encourages everyone to embrace the festivities that help create lasting memories in the heart of Truro!

 Gluten-Free Cheesecake from LISC 

Eclairs from LISC 

When questioned about her work philosophy, Lucy expressed, “Be kind and serve with love! For me, customers are more than just transactions.” Lucy provides an extensive range of products with her Gluten-Free Cheesecake being particularly adored by customers. However, her standout offerings are found in her impressive drink menu. “Lattes are the most popular among our drinks. There’s a wide variety of Lattes, and im still learning about them. I’ve noticed that some customers might not be familiar with their drink options. Im more than happy to take the time to explain things to them if needed.”

During our time with Lucy, she expressed the essence of her offers with enthusiasm. Lucy highlighted her dedication to providing a diverse & flavourful experience for customers throughout the day. She emphasized her commitment to health-conscious choices, ensuring a variety of nutritious options for patrons. She offers vegetarian & vegan selections, catering to the preferences of a wide audience.

Now is the ideal season to discover your next favourite thing about Downtown Truro at Lucy in Spain Cafe’!  Make sure to like  & follow the cafe’ on Facebook, You can find LISC at 570 Prince St