HealthWalks Inc

533 Prince St 

Truro, Nova Scotia

HealthWalks is a foot care clinic in Truro which strives to help clients with foot related pain/issues. The Clinic was started 24 years ago in New Glasgow by Karey Fleming; Founder and Co-Owner of Healthwalks and a practising Pedorthist. Richard Fleming, Karey’s husband, co-owns the business alongside her. Karey opened the 533 Prince St Truro location 5 years ago, after living in Valley NS for 18 years. She noticed how the downtown core worked together and pulled in customers who weren’t living in Truro.

They live up to their slogan “Walk in…Dance out” and always aim to be a clinic first, business second. Karey exclaimed, “…When seeing a client, their best interest comes first!”

When a client steps into Health Walks, the staff want them to feel heard and taken care of. Most importantly, Karey and the staff want clients to know that they will do the best they can to help!

A lot of hard work was put into making Health Walks successful, there were some things that they would’ve done differently looking back that some may benefit from.

Karey said “I would probably tell my younger self to get a loan and not work 16-18 hour days.” There were some obstacles Karey faced, as all business owners do, but overall she enjoys owning Health Walks. Because of the flexibility of the business, her and Richard were able to be hands-on when raising their son.

Health Walks is a great business to have in the Downtown Truro area, they’re most known for custom foot orthotics. “…Even people who’ve gotten orthotics in other places who haven’t done well,” Karey explained, “they come in a little bit nervous and unsure, but we do lots of other things that other clinics don’t do.” Health Walks makes sure to always follow up with clients, and they have a 1 year fit warranty.

This time of year Karey mentioned that it is important to start thinking about walking, and how you’re getting the most out of walking. She shared some things to think about since Spring is upon us; start thinking if your sneakers need to be replaced and determine whether you need an appointment to look after any foot, ankle, or knee pain.

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To book an appointment, call +1 (902) 893-9675