Great British Grub Cafe
British Style Meat Pies, Pastries and Foods.

127 Arthur Street
Truro, Nova Scotia
(902) 843-0699

Looking for a taste of the UK? The Great British Grub Cafe is the place to visit! Jane & Chris Elgee moved to Truro in 2010 from the UK with their two children, and right away noticed the similarities with the small towns in the UK. After a few years, seeing how American the food was here, and how much they missed the meat pies and pastries, Jane who is a trained chef and had a catering business back in Lancashire, thought of setting up a little table at the Truro Farmers’ Market to see if other people were interested in trying, or were missing the taste of the UK.

After trying out their recipes at the Truro Farmers’ Market, people would come to see the Elgee’s and share stories, and surprisingly to them, it was not only people with British ties but also people from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. After two years at the Truro Farmers’ Market, in 2018, they got the chance to open up a place on Prince Street, where they stayed until 2021. With its prominent red telephone box-themed entrance, the cozy cafe, Great British Grub, is now located at 127 Arthur Street.

Jane Elgee, Owner and Chef of Great British Grub Cafe in Truro, Nova Scotia.

With a team of 8, the Great British Grub Cafe, specializes in British meat pies and pastries, both savoury and sweet. Some of their most traditional recipes are recreating favourites like Cornish pasties, British pork pies, steak and ale pies, sausage rolls, steak and kidney pies, Eccles Cakes, and Bakewell Tart, just to name a few. “I’m proud of our uniqueness and how we have been able to stick to our roots, everything that we made is what we grew up eating as children,” says Jane Elgee.

Walking into the Great British Grub Cafe is like walking into your kitchen; you immediately feel at home. The air is filled with aromatic scents that make you want to place an order right away. The walls are decorated with memorabilia from the UK; you can find Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; The Beatles album covers; Big Ben posters, and the UK flag. “We have people who come from out of province to eat at our little restaurant. Prior to the pandemic we had a family who used to visit us every year from the United States and we hope we get to see them soon as the restrictions start to ease,” says Jane with a big smile on her face.

Full English Breakfast.

Part of the British culture is to keep the cost really low.  “We are extremely reasonably priced,” says Jane, and with their affordable prices and extraordinary flavours. This is something you will want to try. Come and enjoy patio season at the Great British Grub Cafe, whether you prefer to be, in the sun, shaded, rainproof, or in their famous beer garden, there is something for everyone, family-friendly, and dog friendly.

The Great British Grub opened its doors in its new location on June 5th, 2021. This year, they are excited to be celebrating their first anniversary along with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. They will be honoring these events by having a giveaway and the grand prize is a $50 Great British Grub gift card.

Cornish Pastie & Cesar Salad.

Traditional British Meat Pie with Mash Potatoes and Veggies.