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Have you wanted to know how to create an effective marketing strategy to grow your business?

Have you wondered why some customers buy and others don’t – or not as often?

Would you like to build a promotional campaign for your business for a specific period of time and know how to measure its impact?

Do you wonder if you priced your products right?

Have you considered marketing beyond using social media?

If these are questions you have been asking, the 40-hour Workplace Education program Strategic Marketing would be a smart investment of your time and effort. This program will include areas of focus including:

– The five P’s of marketing and why they’re important
– Understanding what motivates your customer
– Creating the ideal fit between what you offer and what customers want
– Creating a pricing strategy that supports making a profit
– Developing a promotional campaign
– Designing a relationship marketing strategy
**For anyone planning to take a social media program in future, this is an excellent foundation.

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