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Doing business in 2021 is very different from how many of us operated even five years ago, especially when it comes to how we connect with employees and market to customers. In response to this, the 40 hour Workplace Education program Communication Skills for Leaders is designed to support you in navigating through the changing trends around how people communicate in the workplace and marketplace. This program is the cornerstone in the process of attracting and retaining the right employees.

*For those interested in taking a Transformational Leadership program in future, this is one of the prerequisite foundational programs.

Topics covered during this program may include:

– Connecting with employees and customers from different generations;
– Dealing with difficult people and having effective difficult conversations;
– Building a team that functions and produces;
– Maximizing your workplace and customer relationships;
– Adapting to various communication styles;
– Understanding how to use nonverbal communication to enhance your interactions with others;
– Knowing how to minimize workplace drama.

The program will be customized following one-on-one interviews with the participants.

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