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Experience natures’ essence, one drop at a time

586 Prince Street
Truro, Nova Scotia
(902) 843-2929

DropWise Aromatherapy 586 Prince Street

After six years of running her business, Dawn Canning can proudly say that she is satisfied with the progress and success of her business. Dropwise Aromatherapy is located at 586 Prince Street and is home to a “happy and relaxed” atmosphere for everyone!

Dropwise Aromatherapy provides close to 75 Essential oils and countless blends along with Dawn’’s kindness, advice and expertise as Certified Aromatherapist. It is very important to Dawn that her Essential Oils are sourced from ethical and sustainable sources.

Dawn Canning, Owner & Operator

Dropwise Aromatherapy began as an interest and hobby for Dawn as she states, “Just for interest, I was taking an aromatherapy certification course and when my life changes happened, I was in love with the essential oils and learning about them. So, why not turn it into my own business!”

Since then, Dawn began her journey as an entrepreneur and even with some hardships, like the COVID-19 pandemic, her passion for aromatherapy has only grown. “Since the pandemic, I have brought in some local vendors as well.” All of these vendors are compliments to essential oils and provide additional services and support to Dawn’s services.

Both images above are examples of 100% customizable gift boxes available for purchase. These gift boxes in particular have quite a variety the box on the left features Rain Natural Skin Care products in addition to an amethyst face roller and gua sha massager. The box on the right is featuring a  handmade aromatherapy bracelet with a bottle of lavender & an amethyst. “The possibilities are only limited to a person’s imagination” states Dawn.

Dawn takes a lot of pride in the growth her business has undergone. Many of the vendors that have come on board are local and also female entrepreneurs. Dawn is excited to support other women in business stating, “We are all kind of supporting each other, even the small clothing line I have, although not local is a women’s entrepreneurial business.”

For Dawn, her working philosophy is ever-changing and has grown along with her business. “Having a work/life balance has been very important to me. Running a business requires a lot of hard work and dedication but, the reward of that is when you come home exhausted at the end of the day I know you have done it for myself and my family. It also has afforded me the opportunity to be very involved in family commitments I may have otherwise missed out on working for
someone else.”

Advice that Dawn would give to young, aspiring entrepreneurs in Downtown Truro is “You have to love your product or concept”. Loving what you do for Dawn goes hand in with the amount of effort you will put into your business.

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