Cooper’s Cabin

98 Esplanade Street

Truro, Nova Scotia

(902) 843-0771

Many know Cooper’s Cabin as a safe space to browse anything from comics, videogames, hockey cards and even fandom merchandise, Cooper’s Cabin has it all! Located on 98 Esplanade Street, this cozy shop is jam packed with many goodies. The owners, Theresa and John, as well as the employees are happy to chat and help customers find what they’re looking for.

The stars aligned nine and a half years ago when Theresa and John decided to move to Truro and start a business. John had experience in the business world and luckily had some inventory from a previous store. It was hard work starting, however, Theresa expressed, “We were just under a lucky star.” They didn’t have advertising or signage upon opening, however almost every returning customer would come in and ask “Where’s Cooper” referring to the previous adored store dog, and that is how the name Cooper’s Cabin came into fruition.

Theresa and John attribute hard work, luck, as well as careful use of money and planning to the success of Cooper’s Cabin. While Theresa had strengths in merchandising, John’s strengths lied in customer service. They learned and benefited from each other’s assets in order to be a successful and well rounded business.

Even though their store may look it, they didn’t go too big and flashy to begin with and were careful with their spending, both personally and in their business. Their accomplishments were a manifestation of lots of hours, hard work, and passion for what they do and provide for the community.

Ever since then Cooper’s Cabin has flourished and anyone who walks in could easily spend an hour or more gazing at everything they have to offer. It is a store where the employees are people who share the same passions as their customers, and are happy to chat about so! Cooper’s Cabin is worth a look for anyone who geeks out about something, or even anyone who likes to explore and support local businesses.