Colchester Adult Learning Association (CALA)

For the past 30 years, CALA (Colchester Adult Learning Association), a non-profit organization, has been dedicated to educating the community. They offer diverse learning opportunities for adults, aiming to enhance lives and foster engagement within the Truro community.

CALA places great emphasis on ensuring all current and prospective students feel welcomed, valued, included, and listened to. They provide a wide array of adult education opportunities, including high school equivalency programs, trade tutoring, and courses on navigating and communicating in the digital world.

Moreover, CALA offers a variety of digital programs and micro-credentials, focusing on safe and responsible use of technology. Recently, they hosted an online shopping workshop to educate individuals on responsible online shopping practices.

Colchester Adult Learning Association receives funding from the Nova Scotia School of Adult Learning (NSSAL) and other sources (United Way, Department of Community Services, New Horizons, Age Friendly and others). CALA recently celebrated the 30th Anniversary of its incorporation with the “CALA GALA” held at the Inn on Prince on June 12th.

As of May 2024, significant changes are underway in Canadian adult learning: the GED (General Education Development) programs and tests will no longer be proctored in Canada. In response, Canada is introducing an updated credential known as the Canadian Adult Education Credential. This revised program includes enhancements to math skills, Canadian culture and history, social studies, and communication compared to the previous GED curriculum.

Passing GED test scores for the 2002 GED Test Series will be recognized for test exemption, and count towards the new assessment until May 2027. Therefor, Mary Teed Executive Director encourages anyone who has passed test scores from the GED to complete their remaining test before that expiration date.