Chaplin’s Confections

615 Prince Street

Truro, Nova Scotia

(902) 814-3173

The creation and growth of Chaplins Confections is truly inspiring to any entrepreneur looking to start their own business here in Truro. What once was a limited selection of fudge that Mitch and Amanda Chaplin sold at the Truro Farmers Market on Saturday mornings has now grown into a bountiful array of fudge and other confectionary treats that sit in the heart of downtown Truro in a charming shop located at 615 Prince street.

It all started when Mitch and Amanda decided to move back to Canada before the pandemic after living in the United States for some time. The creation of their business took lots of time and hard work, but it was a labour of love.

Mitch had cooking/baking skills from the years he has worked as a chef. His wife and business partner, Amanda, was eager to learn and perfect the recipe alongside Mitch and works during the day at the shop fulltime. In the evenings after working as a chef at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, Mitch develops new flavours/products and helps prep for the upcoming days of business.

Amanda and Mitch Chaplin have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, and it was curiosity and observation of the Downtown Truro community that sparked the idea to start Chaplins Creations from scratch. “We noticed there didn’t seem to be a lot of fudge in Truro,” said Amanda, “and Mitch always had a phenomenal fudge recipe”. 

“I think I could turn my fudge recipe into something,” Amanda described Mitch’s words, “and it’s versatile so we could make a lot of different flavours with it.” It was from then on when the idea started becoming a reality, they started to experiment with the flavours. “All of the neighbours had lots of fudge to eat while we were developing all of the different flavours!” Amanda exclaimed.

Their most popular item is of course their delicious fudge which currently sells for $5 each or 5/$20, and with many flavours to choose from, you won’t be disappointed. A close second contender in popularity are their Basque Cheesecakes which sell out fairly quick as they are a fan favourite. If you’re worried about missing out on the delicious flavours that Chaplin’s has to offer, don’t be! Chaplins Confections has allergen free treats to suit almost everyone including vegan, gluten free, no sugar added, and dairy free options!

They are continuously growing and expanding their selection, Chaplin’s will soon be launching a new product called Tidal Pour soda which are classic hand mixed classic sodas with fun flavours made with Aroma Maya syrups and a creamy twist to top it off! Once launched, you can find the Tidal Pour Soda both in store at Chaplins Confections, or by stopping at the Chaplin’s Confections booth at the Truro Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. 

You can contact Amanda or Mitch by messaging Chaplins Confections on facebook/instagram, or by giving them a call at (902) 814-3173