Carmen Gaines RMT

41 Forrester St

Truro, Nova Scotia

(403) 466-3188

Carmen Gaines has been a licensed massage therapist for 11 years. She attended college for massage therapy at CDI College in Calgary, Carmen worked in Calgary up until 2020 when she moved to Nova Scotia. Carmen’s space is located at 41 Forrester Street, where clients come to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Photo By Nick Gaines

“I strive to make a difference in my client’s health,” says Carmen and her client’s well-being and health are her priority.

“Having my own business has been a long-term dream of mine…and I like the idea of working smarter, not harder,” Carmen exclaimed. Carmen also works part-time out of Stewiacke but enjoys being able to have her own business/space in Truro, along with a few other practitioners located at 41 Forrester.

Photo By Nick Gaines

Carmen brings a type of massage therapy which is still relatively new to Truro; Rapid Neurofascial Reset which is a soft tissue and movement-based therapeutic technique. Along with Rapid-NFR she offers relaxing, deep tissue, and pre-natal massages to her clientele. In addition she offers cupping; a therapeutic technique that uses special cups to suction skin which can help with a variety of concerns.

Photo By Nick Gaines

Not only are her skills of great value to our community, but so is her availability! Carmen works some evenings and weekends to accommodate her clientele’s work constraints.

She currently is accepting new clientele and it is as easy as ever to book an appointment online with her. To book online visit, or send her a message on her facebook/instagram. Welcome to Downtown Truro Carmen!