Impact Performance

21a Brunswick St

Truro, Nova Scotia
(902) 890-7029

Derek Weber, who has been a strength and conditioning coach for ten years, is proud to open and expand his business right here in Downtown Truro! Impact Performance is a private training studio specializing in strength and conditioning for athletes and personal training and injury rehabilitation for the general population. Derek’s expertise in the field along with his passion for strength and conditioning training makes for a safe and positive space to train everyone.

Starting his journey in Calgary, Derek began gaining experience as a strength and conditioning coach. Once he moved back to Truro he began building Impact Performance training and ran out of the Cougar Dome. During this time, he also attained his Master’s of Science in Strength and Conditioning and completed his thesis study with student-athletes at CEC. He would later move to his own location on Brunswick Street in April of 2021. As a former student-athlete himself, Derek combines those experiences with his knowledge of strength and conditioning training to create a one-of-a-kind private training environment.

Derek takes pride in the relationships he builds with his clients and athletes. “I genuinely feel that disbelief in oneself ends more careers than actual ability”. He believes with the bonds he has with each of his clients, he is able to help them face individual challenges in aspects of their lives. “I want to build a community of individuals dedicated to the pursuit of fitness and performance in sport; so that together we may strive for longevity and releasing our potential!”.

Impact Performance strives for inclusivity and making everyone feel like they are “part of the team”. These principals are critical in creating a safe environment for everyone to train and improve. “Gym spaces can often be intimidating, so I wanted to offer a space where people can train individually or in small groups with attentive coaching”. Though all of Derek’s clients are coached under the same principles and practices, each athlete’s training is individualized and specific to each person’s needs and areas of improvement. “The goal is to coach clients and athletes to become informed, confident and autonomous in the gym and
other training settings”

One on one private training is most popular for clients looking to rehabilitate injury and build strength for longevity and quality of life. Impact Performance’s most popular training program for athletes is the Athlete Development Program. This program focuses on training specifically for athletes looking to improve in their sport and reduce injury risk. There are sessions for juniors (13 and under), Seniors (14-18)and U-Sport (18 and up).

For more information regarding availability please visit Impact Performances website. Make sure to follow them on Instagram & Facebook.