Copy_of_0859-PrinceStreet[1]The Downtown core has long been recognized as the heart of any community. It’s where you get a true sense of the town’s history, culture and community pride. It’s where you most often find the area’s best loved attractions and special events. And it’s where you’ll find unique shopping options in businesses owned by local residents.

Downtown Truro really offers the best of both worlds – small town ambiance with a full range of shops, services and recreational opportunities. Visitors to our downtown will find an intriguing mix of independent shops, which ensures they’re not just a carbon copy of what you have at home. Over 150 fashion boutiques, jewelry and gift shops, home decor outlets, photo shops, health and sport shops and day spas are intermingled with cozy restaurants, pubs and cafes, plus another 150 professional and business offices. It’s a combination that appeals to residents and visitors alike.