When was the Downtown Truro Partnership initiated?

Since 1979, the Truro Development Corporation Limited (a not for profit organization) has represented the interests of the downtown business community and has evolved into a driving force behind many of the downtown development and promotional initiatives that take place throughout the year. Since inception the organization has experienced change, including a new operating name, Downtown Truro Partnership (DTP), an expanded mandate and the responsibility for an expanded physical area – what has previously been identified as the Urban Regional Core (URC).

What is the DTP’s Mission Statement? 

The DTP’s mission is to initiate, develop and promote strategies and events that position the downtown as a destination location for business, local residents, and visitors.

What is the Strategic Plan for the Downtown Truro Partnership?

Click Here to view our 2017-2019 Downtown Truro Partnership Strategic Plan.

How do you become a Member of the DTP? What is the primary source of funding?

The DTP membership is comprised of all businesses that fall within the URC, an area designated by the Town of Truro that qualifies for a specific, self-imposed area rate tax. This area rate is a tax that is proportionate to the size of each business, ensuring no one company pays an unfair burden and for which there is a cap. The monies collected by the Town from our Members are the primary source of funds for the DTP’s operations. The area rate is set annually by the Town in consultation with the DTP after a thorough review of DTP’s business plan and independently audited statements. The DTP’s annual audited statements are available to all members upon request, at the time of the Annual General Meeting. A copy of the by-laws of the Truro Development Corporation is also available to any member upon request. Currently approximately 350 businesses reside in the URC representing a unique economic and cultural community.

How is the Downtown Truro Partnership governed?

The Downtown Truro Partnership is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of no less than 7 and no more than 14 Directors at any one time. Any DTP member in good standing may be nominated by a peer to have their name stand for a Directorship at the time of the Annual General Meeting when there are vacancies. The Officers, which include a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, are elected from the Board, by the Board, at a Board Meeting convened immediately following the AGM. On occasion, at the discretion of the Board, the President may invite Ex Officio participation from members of affiliated groups or organizations with a vested interest in the objectives of the Company.

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Downtown Truro

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Check out this great profile!I’m launching a new campaign today to profile this beautiful town in which I live and work. I’ve always been obsessed with real estate, which led to my profession as a real estate lawyer. I get to help people buy and sell beautiful homes, multi-unit buildings and commercial spaces. I will be profiling what I feel are some of the best loved spaces in our town and surrounding area on my page, and I look forward to hearing what you love most about each one. First up: Jon Keddy’s transformation on the corner of Victoria and Pleasant in Downtown Truro. The Carriage House dates back to 1885 and was originally built by Dimmock B. Cummings, a local merchant who operated a dry goods store on Commercial Street. Jon received a Heritage Award from the Town of Truro for his efforts to reinvigorate the historic building, utilizing reclaimed materials and restoring handsome features like brick fireplaces and plaster ceiling mouldings that had been hidden through the years by previous renovations. #trurosbestplaces #placesandfacestrurons #hubhomestories #trytruro #downtowntruro #trurons ... See MoreSee Less

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From @phillips_and_chestnut — Church windows!!! 😆

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