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During this Lunch and Learn, Nik Basset (they/them), the Education and GSA Coordinator at the Youth Project, will teach us about the importance of correct pronoun use for 2STGNC (Two Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming) people.
In this workshop, participants will leave with a further understanding of the gender binary, non-binary and culturally-specific gender identities, the experience of gender dysphoria and transition, how to share your pronouns, appropriate ways to ask people for theirs, and how to navigate mistakes.
Participants will be given tools, resources, and information during and following the presentation that can assist them in practicing pronouns that might be new or less familiar to them.
July 14th at 12pm
Online on ZOOM
Ages: Teens and Adults
To register email: info@cehpubliclibrary.ca


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